On-Demand Creative Services & Marketing Execution

Gosling Media provides the benefits of an in-house team, with the skill set and scale of an agency. 

To keep project scoping simple and flexible, we sell access to the team through the purchase of studio hours.


For each project or task, you receive a quote with required hours and a firm delivery date — no work is done until you approve.

Every studio hour includes access to our team of experts:

US Based Full-time Employees:

  • Account Lead – Strategic Consultant
  • Art Director – Branding Decisions, Quality control
  • Project Manager – Resource allocation, Client Communication and Delivery
  • Design Team – Dedicated team with intimate knowledge of your brand

Specialist Contractors:
(People we know and trust from 15+ years of services)

  • Specialist Network – Additional Resources as needed for special projects.
    e.g. Video production, Copywriting, Marketing execution and much more.
Studio Hours: 30hrs to 60hrs: $190/hr – Purchase blocks of Studio Hours: 60+ $175 Studio – Monthly Retainer (6 month agreement): minimum 30hrs/month: $160/hr

Managed through


  • Digital asset and brand management
  • Project management
  • Slack integration for instant communication
  • Transparent billing and pricing process
  • Access to free resources and templates

Pay as you Go

Access the Team as Needed
  • $190/hr
  • No Contracts
  • No Expiration Dates
  • Pay by Credit Card
  • 2 - 3 Business Days to Deliver Most Projects

Pay as you Go

Buy in bulk and save money
  • $175/hr
  • No Contracts
  • No Expiration Dates
  • Pay via Invoice or Credit Card
  • 2 - 3 Business Days to Deliver Most Projects

Monthly Retainers

Best Value for a Limited Number of Clients
$ 160 per hour
  • Six Month Agreements
  • Roll Over 10 Studio Hrs/Month
  • Pay via Invoice or Credit Card
  • Sign up and Save Thousands
  • Direct communication via Slack or Microsoft Teams


Frequently Asked Questions

Gosling Media offers a wide range of services for all types of branding and marketing needs. Rather than offering complicated tiered rates, the Gosling Media Studio Rate is a value-driven blended rate to ensure we can remain competitive in the market but also easy to understand and measure.

Every Gosling Media client gets their own dashboard submit requests and view previous requests. After submission, you will receive an email with number of hours to be used and a delivery date. Only after you accept this quote will the hours be used.

For existing clients: Simply submit a Project Request through your Gosling Media Dashboard and we will send you a quote before any work begins. If you accept, then you can go ahead and purchase the required hours and we will begin!

For new clients: Hi! thank you for considering using Gosling Media for you next project. To help people estimate the number of design hours required please schedule a call and we will discuss your unique needs.

All credits are valid for 12 months from the purchase date giving you plenty of time to use them!

Don’t worry! The credits will remain on your account and be available in addition to your retainers monthly allowance.

All Pay-As-You-Go payments are processed by Wave Financial Inc. Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards are accepted from Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

To keep project scoping simple and flexible, we sell access to the team through the purchase of studio hours. However we understand that sometimes a project fee makes more sense. Typically for orders over $10,000. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the best option for your specific needs.

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