Execution Guide: How to Include Video in Your Content Strategy

Businesses are in the midst of a neverending race to produce more marketing content every year.

Finding your audience through all the noise while keeping up with new technologies, distribution methods, and search algorithm changes are enough to make even the most seasoned marketers' head spin. The rise of video is one of the most significant changes we've seen over the last few years. It's no longer a high-barrier-to-entry, premium format. While well-produced, professional videos will always have their place, it has never been easier, or more important, to include video in your content marketing strategy.

Let's face it: there's a reason Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook are prioritizing video in search results and news feeds. Savvy marketing teams know this and are increasing the use of video in their strategy.

Our Execution Guide is here to show you why and how you should too.

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