With tech events being canceled around the world, it seems to me that every marketing team is doing a lot more of two thing that includes sharing recommendations on how to better work from home, and researching and implementing Webinar software.

Pros and cons of webinars



The end product of webinar can be great, but there is no reason to make it live. Yes, people like the feeling of ‘attending’ and being able to raise their hands and ask questions. But one of the most amazing benefits of being digital is that it is on-demand. I don’t want to have to set a calendar reminder to learn about a piece of software. Cord-cutters everywhere validate the fact people have busy lives and want to consume content on their own terms.

Just release it as a video!

Think about every digital channel.

You don’t need to fill the event gaps with virtual events. You have so many incredible ways to connect with people digitally like webinars that recreating an event is not the only way.

Thought starters:

Re-purpose existing content

Already have those things? Make them interactive!

Embrace the fact these documents are digital and make them innovative and engaging!

Done all of the above? Promote the S#%t out of them then!

Advertising and promoting your hard work is just as vital as making the stuff in the first place.

Invest in high-quality assets for advertising

Made some good ads? Well done! Pat yourself on the back and make, like, a dozen more

TEST, rinse and repeat

Ok, so you got good content, in a bunch of formats. You got a load of awesome promotional assets to launch with and test. Now, where are they clicking through to? Getting awareness of your content is amazing, but if the user has a shitty experience after clicking the ad, then no one will see your precious data visualizations…

Keep your landing pages simple for goodness sake!

They almost have it!! They almost have your shiny, awesome, over-thought, but still important piece of content. Woo hoo!!

Oh, shit, wait, the email template looks like crap!

In closing… Webinars can be good. But let’s try harder. Make everyone’s day a little more beautiful and invest some of that event budget into making your content more engaging and the promotion of it, a little less offensive to the eyes. Your future new clients will thank you!