The challenge

As a designer with significant experience working in-house, I know how big of a challenge it can be to find, hire, and nurture the right creative talent. During my 15 year career as an in-house designer, I built two creative teams from scratch and experienced this first hand.

I have also worked as a single designer within a marketing team and I can say with confidence that designers do their best work when they are part of a collaborative team. Designers greatly benefit from receiving direction and getting feedback from fellow creatives, and junior designers benefit from guidance from senior designers and/or a creative director. Without this collaboration and direction, work is often poor and motivation low. While it’s understandable that a marketing team would be inclined to want a designer that they can communicate with in person, at the office, or meet with frequently at weekly meetings – the reality of this is quite different.

Unless you are committed to building a full in-house creative agency, the benefits of a single in-house designer fall apart pretty quickly. I am not against in-house teams at all. There are huge benefits to building out an in-house creative agency, BUT hiring one or two individual designers is not a good way to get what you need done. It boils down to three things: scale, capabilities, and of course, cost. ‍

Hiring a designer: Scale

Hiring a designer: Capabilities

Hiring a designer: Cost

The best solution is to have a dedicated external resource that knows your needs, knows your industry, and takes the time to really learn your brand. Either partnering with internal resources, or acting as a fully managed service, an external partner will be able to handle a much wider range of needs, more requests at once, and do all of this at a much higher quality level with far less overhead. ‍

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