Women Who Inspire Us

Women’s Day 2021

Our team at Gosling Media celebrates the women in our lives every day but since today is International Women‘s Day, we decided to take the time to jot down some of our biggest inspirations and why.

Maggie Hanson, UX/UI Designer,
on who inspires her:

Paula Scher
A constant inspiration to step out of what feels comfortable, and not be afraid to deconstruct.

Malika Favre
A simple, clean style that proves more isn’t always necessary. She is a reminder to follow passion and love for the craft.

Mina Markham
Software Engineer/Designer
One of many beacons for women in tech. Forever changing the way I see fast-moving deadlines and campaigns.

Male Pozzuto, Graphic Designer,
on who inspires her:

Eliza Schuyler Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton’s wife
Her endless power, empathy, strength, and kindness in a time that was fully ruled by men are what makes her such a timeless female inspiration.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Although she is one of the most stylish women of all time, she is kind, humble, and powerful. She is an undisputed icon since the 90s.

Emma Watson
A born fighter for human rights and feminism, Emma Watson represents the new generation of values and inspiration the world needs.

Raquel Casertano, Head of Operations & Production, on who inspires her:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Court Justice
Her strategy for chipping away at gender inequality ultimately led to massive shifts for a greater future.

Lady Gaga
Her belief is that everyone should be themselves and embrace their own uniqueness.

Amelia Earhart
Aviation pioneer
Her strength is to break down gender barriers and prove that women can do anything.

Brett Manchess, Lead Project Manager,
on women who inspires him:

Katie Porter
US Representative
She fights for a better America.

Michelle Obama
First Lady
She inspires others for Success.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
US Representative
She helps inspire all of us to break barriers in our own way.

Niall Gahagan, Lead Designer,
on who inspires him: 

Suzanne Ciani
Pioneering electronic musicians in a field dominated by men.

Nicola Sturgeon
Has led Scotland through the COVID crisis and shown the men in London how a country should be run.

Jackie Kay
Inspiring poet, exploring issues of race and identity.

Pete Gosling, Founder & CEO,
on the women who inspire him:

Zaha Hadid
British-Iraqi Architect
I saw a retrospective of her work at the Guggenheim when I first moved to New York. Incredible.

Samara Shuter
The friend who took a leap of faith in following her passion full time. Is now successfully producing incredible works of art.

Erica Gosling
Speech Pathologist
Teaching children with learning disabilities requires incredible empathy and patience. So too does being married to me! Incredible wife, mother of two incredible girls AND has the time and energy to give me positive reinforcement every day!

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